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Divorce Counseling

Some level of conflict is unavoidable in any relationship. Each person a divorce is dealing with his or her own issues, so arguments and disagreements can often occur. Learning how to disagree effectively is important for the health and longevity of every relationship. In a divorce, shared assets need to be split up fairly and maturely. Children need to have parents that can disagree without making them feel unsafe or in the middle. Divorce counseling is beneficial for newly divorced couples or long time warring co parents so that they can learn to appreciate and communicate with one another through relationship counseling. Our family and child psychologist will take care of bringing mutual understanding and aid.

Relationship therapy will attempt to address these issues and allow for a more harmonious relationship. As your counseling service, we will be patient and impartial to better help you and your partner understand yourselves and one another through life transitions like divorce. The communication counseling sessions will help you discover the core issues that are causing your relationship concerns, while helping you and your former spouse develop a resolution plan and build a solid foundation on mutual respect and honesty.

You can learn more about divorce and marriage counseling by contacting us at Judith K Adams Inc in Tulsa, OK.